Pulley Lagging

  • Hi-Impact Pulley Compound surpasses all requirements for SANS 1669, including the flammability and toxicity requirements for underground pulleys
  • Has a Toxicity Index of 2
  • Contains 99.8% Alumina Beads
  • Superior adhesion
  • Has a co-efficient of friction of 20% greater than rubber
  • Outlasts rubber in tests by at least 10 fold
  • Bead content repels water thus preventing slippage and increasing the life of the conveyor belts
NORDBAK HIGH IMPACT PULLEY was designed to meet the South African National Standard (SANS 1669-2) for pulley lagging. NORDBAK HIGH IMPACT PULLEY complies with Naval Engineering Standard 713 for Smoke Toxicity, ISO 340 – 2004 for flammability and is suitable for underground applications.